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Cultivate Pleasure & Transform Your Life

Healing From the Inside Out



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As a Somatic Sex Therapist & Educator I focus on the holistic relationship between people and their sexuality. My work helps bring people back into alignment and power, supporting and welcoming choice, voice, and authenticity in all areas of life!

Oftentimes the sex education we received was fear-based and focused on prevention and basic reproductive function. We were rarely taught the skills we needed to cultivate pleasure, listen to our body’s yes's and no's, and have healthy, empowered interactions. 

Somatic Sex Education brings back the focus of pleasure, wholeness, and the innate wisdom of the body.

I am queer, kink, and poly-friendly.

Cliffs and Ocean

What Is

Somatic Sex Education?

Somatic Sex Education is a wonderful and efficient way to heal from our trauma and shame.  You could think of me as your personal pleasure coach, supporting and guiding you toward healing and an even more fulfilled life.  

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Trauma and shame can get make our lives pretty challenging.  This usually shows up in our relationships.  We may have trouble saying “yes” or saying “no”. We might have a low sexual desire, or we might have a sex drive that seems out of control. We may struggle with asking for what we want for fear of hurting the other person.  Or we might be scared that they will leave us.  Sometimes accessing and feeling any kind of pleasure seems out of reach. 


Sexual Shame 

& Anxiety

A lot of us are embarrassed to get help in the sexuality arena.  We have an expectation that we should “somehow know everything”.  After all, we can “google” just about anything.  But knowledge alone doesn’t heal.  We need to anchor our knowledge somatically…meaning in our body.


Somatic Sex Education can include hands on touch and bodywork.  Your learning is also enhanced by “home-play” exercises (rather than homework!) that we create together!  These elements support you in reclaiming your power, while gently opening your body to move beyond trauma into empowered pleasure.  

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