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Ask Yourself....

Is body shame and insecurity something you deal with?

Do you struggle with low arousal, or a fear of intimacy?

Is it hard for you to ask for what you need/want?

Is premature ejaculation or maintaining erections a worry for you?

Do you experience shame, disconnection, pain, or numbness in your body?

Is your self-esteem (including sexual self-esteem) suffering?

Have you experienced trauma in your life (sexual or otherwise) and have a hunch that it is getting in the way of feeling connected to yourself and people who are important to you?

Did you notice that starting the journey of trying to conceive, or the journey of giving birth changed your relationship with your body, sex, or intimacy?

Do you have questions you want to ask or experiences you want to talk about that affect your intimate life?

Would you like to bring more confidence and vitality to your life?

Are you struggling with different sex drives in your relationship?

Do you want to overcome sexual boredom (alone or in relationship with others)?

Did you experience miscarriage or abortion and want to integrate or release this with your body?

Did you experience episiotomy, tearing, c-section, breast surgery, gender reassignment or other surgery which has left scars?

Do you want to learn how to talk about (or even discover) what you like and want?

Has a breakup or life change left you feeling some strain around your relationship with intimacy and/or sex?

Are you interested in knowing about your arousal anatomy?

Do you have a curiosity about what's possible in your intimate life?


If you've answered 'yes' to any of these questions, I can help! 

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