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What are the common reasons people may choose to see a Somatic Sex Educator?

  • A- orgasm coaching / difficulty achieving orgasm

  • erectile dysfunction /premature ejaculation

  • sexual shame and anxiety

  • healing sexual trauma

  • learning new self-pleasure skills

  • exploring sacred sexuality

  • porn addiction

  • learning about boundaries + embodied consent 

  • practicing mindful receiving 

  • vaginismus / pelvic pain

  • healing scar tissue (from birth, circumcision, gender reassignment surgery)


How does it work?

After you fill out an intake form, our first meeting will be online. 
This initial online meeting helps me understand your needs as well as your specific challenges and strengths.    It also is a way for us to mutually determine our suitability to work together.  If we agree to move forward, we will schedule a follow-up session and I will give you the address to my studio. After that, sessions will be in person at my studio. Sessions can also be conducted online.  The intake process is still the same. 

Sometimes we will be sitting together and have more of a coaching focus while at other times, we may do some movement, mirror work or use the massage table.  Bodywork for sexuality education, healing and erotic empowerment  is also something that can be included in our time together.  A bodywork session is your opportunity to slow down, to be curious and playful, to be you. All of you is welcomed in a safe and supportive space.


How many sessions will I need / How long are the sessions?

Sessions are typically 1.5-2.0 hours in length, however the amount of sessions needed depends. Each person is unique and there is no “cookie cutter” approach to this work. 

A series of five sessions is recommended. Having this consistency offers a solid foundation for sexual healing and trauma work.

Touch is a powerful path to release trauma, stored memories, and to gain a positive relationship with one’s body. My unique approach to using client-directed touch can address personal trauma in an effective and efficient way.  Sometimes, as the body relaxes and awareness opens, buried feelings may emerge. My expertise in psychotherapy enables me to facilitate any emotions that may arise during this transformative work. 


How will I know if this is for me?

Clients come to see me because they are looking for sexual healing and wholeness. They may be  bored and restless, or dissatisfied with their sex life, or in pain, or want help with some kind of sexual dysfunction, or have been sexually abused and struggling to deal with issues related to sex, or they know something is missing but they are not sure what it is. Many clients are simply curious about new ways of being sexual or wanting to expand their experience of pleasure. I can help you figure out what you want and how to get it.


Will I be safe?

I follow the ethical guidelines and protocols of the Sexological Bodywork profession. Everything that happens in your session is held in the strictest confidence. I remain clothed at all times and I do not have sex with my clients. 


What if I change my mind during a session?

Your sessions are for you! I celebrate your desires and your ability to express them. I will encourage you to do what feels right for you, moment to moment.

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