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Somatic Sex Education is a trauma-informed approach held in an environment of trust and acceptance.  Somatic Sex Education involves moving at your pace and the pace of your body. We figure out what is most important to you and then that is where we start.  Often our mind thinks we should be “further along” or that we should “go faster”.  But the pace of our body is often much slower.  Yet, when we slow down and really listen to our body, we actually move more quickly and efficiently…even through trauma and shame.  


We accomplish this through talking, doing body-based exercises and some work with our breath and voice. Somatic Sex Education can include hands-on touch and bodywork.  Your learning is also enhanced by “home-play” exercises (rather than homework!) that we create together!  These elements support you in reclaiming your power, while gently opening your body to move beyond trauma into empowered pleasure.  


If you are in a relationship, you can deepen your intimacy together by cultivating the skills of presence, sensitivity and attentiveness in order to build a connection and become better lovers. 

Somatic Sex Education is essential whether you are single or in a relationship. With my expertise and support, you can get the love and intimacy you want. Being a good lover starts with us.  The one relationship we all have in common is our relationship with our self.


My current offerings include Sexual Trauma Healing, Relationship & Intimacy Coaching (Instead of Bodywork), and Healing Sexual Shame and Anxiety.


I am queer, kink, and poly-friendly.

I acknowledge that my practice is located on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg,  Haudenosaunee, Attawandaron Neutral, and Wendat peoples colonially known as London, ON.

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