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Book Appointment

Step 1

Download & fill in my Intake and Waiver form. Share as much or as little about yourself as you feel comfortable with. Upload your document as a Secure Attachment on my booking portal below.

Step 2

Use my online booking system to schedule your online intake appointment. All initial appointments must be conducted online or over the phone.


Payment must accompany your booking in order to secure your spot.  My schedule will show you what days and times are available. This intake session helps us make sure that we are a good fit to work together. 

Appointments are typically 1.5 hours in length, during which time we may talk, explore embodiment exercises, and discuss our findings. 


For couples and more intensive bodywork, I suggest booking 2 hours.

Sessions can be done in person or online.

Prepayment is require to secure your appointment.

Certified Somatic Sex Educators abide by a code of professional conduct and ethics involving 28 clearly defined guidelines to honor the safety of both the client and the facilitator, including clear communication of boundaries and consent, being fully clothed at all times, uni-directional (one-way) touch from facilitator to client, and the necessary use of hygienic gloves when making contact with genitalia.

Confidentiality and privacy speak to the trust that is sacred to the process.


Contact me here with any of your questions or concerns. 

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